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Watch this video to see Kirk Freeman help out Chris Hanson educate complacent individuals on Situational Awareness.

Counter Kidnap Course FEB 2017 at Eagle Eye SD-TJ


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Counter Kidnap Course

Choosing Armor for your Security Program

For the past 15 years I have been brokering, buying, selling and renting Armor. When clients ask me if they need Armor I always hesitate to just blurt out yes. Times have changed and so have the threats, not to mention enemy TTPs. These are some of the factors I consider when recommending or denying armor requests.

  1. What geographic area will they be visiting or operating in? What are past and current threats in the AO?
  2. Who is traveling? CEO, his family?
  3. What vehicles do I have at my disposal and do they fit into the AO?
  4. Are soft/low profile vehicles better suited?
  5. Does the person(s) traveling have a history of security problems, past incidences, current threat on him or herself?
  6. Is this individual a Key man or woman at his or her organization?

Ask yourself these questions before you roger up to thousands of dollars in budget increases. Saludos. JG CEO – Eagle Eye Inc.


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