Bodyguard Services in San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco, CA is home to many different facets of the technology industry, including information technology, cleantech, biotech and more. As a result, more executives and CEOs in the San Francisco, CA area are finding themselves in need of bodyguard services. At Eagle Eye, we’re ready to help you with the bodyguard services you need, whether at an event, in a crowd, or traveling. Our team members are highly trained and come from advanced security and protection backgrounds. You can trust us to help you get the bodyguard services you need.

  • Trained for active shooter situations
  • Armed services
  • San Francisco area experts
  • Discreet services
  • Highly experienced with military and law enforcement backgrounds
  • Trained for international travel
  • Multilingual personnel

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As a strategic-level security management group with offices in California, Eagle Eye proudly offers bodyguard services throughout the San Francisco, CA area. Our team has diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, military special operations, intelligence, financial security, and industrial security arenas. They are ready to meet your bodyguard needs.

At Eagle Eye, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with specialized solutions, rather than a cookie-cutter approach. We know each individual and situation is unique, which is why we sit down with you to develop a plan that meets your bodyguard needs, professionally and thoroughly. We understand the San Francisco, CA area, and apply this knowledge to your current security protocols, identifying any gaps or potential threats. From there, we offer unparalleled support, delivered by our team of experts specifically chosen for their unique capabilities and skills.


Personal & Executive Protection in San Francisco, CA

When you work with Eagle Eye for your executive protection needs, you’ll have some of the most highly skilled, knowledgeable security agents in the field protecting you. We are highly trained, and have backgrounds in advanced security and protection services.  more


Corporate Campus, Site Security & Protection in San Francisco, CA

Your company needs the best security possible, in all forms. Whether at your firm or in a more public space, Eagle Eye provides companies with specialized site security, constantly monitoring for any potential threats and keeping them safe from harm. When you count on the experts at Eagle Eye to help you, we will provide the corporate security you need for all aspects of your business.We can also help with building security, information security, and intelligence and analysis. more

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Security Guard Services for San Francisco, CA

Eagle Eye provides unparalleled security guard services to those seeking guards with a higher level of training, professionalism and capability. Eagle Eye attracts and hires top-caliber guards. Eagle Eye’s approach is holistic: we help design a security program for optimal results; your guard team is trained to observe, report and respond and we offer actionable daily intelligence reports.  more


Bodyguard Services in San Francisco, CA

Our bodyguard services ensure you have the personal protection you need when traveling, in a crowd or at an event. We have some of the most highly skilled, knowledgeable security agents in the field protecting you. We ensure that every one of our bodyguards has received extensive training, and are certified to provide you with the highest level of protection.  more


International Travel Security & Protection in San Francisco, CA

Today’s world requires that special precautions be taken by executives, VIPs and other high-profile individuals when traveling, and you may need enhanced protection in order to maintain your personal safety. If you need international travel security, you should know you can count on the professionals at Eagle Eye to make sure you get the protection you need. We also offer secure transport and armored vehicles - for when you’re transporting highly valuable individuals or materials. more

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Residential and Estate Security & Protection in San Francisco, CA

You should feel safe and comfortable at home. Our team can provide you with residential security services that include surveillance, access control, and home invasion protection. Low-profile protection services will provide you with top-level, plain-clothes agents who protect your estate and the people who reside there with the utmost discretion. more


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