Cyber Risk Management

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Eagle Eye Intl has teamed up with a best in class Cyber Risk Management group named Decision Point Analytics, which provides context and prioritized insights to the countless technical threats faced by your business. This will allow you to efficiently and effectively allocate scarce resources to resolve your most critical cyber risks.

With the help of Decision Point Analytics and Tapestry application, we will provide a managed approach to assessing your cyber risk to your social or technical networks, testing your current defensive posture, conducting an in-depth gap analysis, and helping you remediate your vulnerabilities and reduce your overall attack surface.

What Eagle Eye Has to Offer

  • A holistic cyber risk assessment that quantifies the effect of the threat landscape on your personal or business networks
  • A comprehensive cyber program maturity assessment identifying gaps and a path forward to improving your security
  • A full spectrum of red teaming on your personal or corporate social and technical networks, including physical and technical penetration testing
  • Technical awareness training for your family, team, or organization when facing high threat environments
  • Technical remediation of network vulnerabilities
  • Cyber and Human Terrain Coaching to reduce your attack surface

You wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked. Why should your data be any different?

According to Internet security company Symantec, there are over one million web attacks every single day. At Eagle Eye, our experts help identify critical security flaws and prevent your private information from getting into the wrong hands.

One of the best ways to learn is through experience, which is why we also offer ethical phishing campaigns and penetration testing to put your organization through real world situations.


Do you have sound, safe, and sustainable cybersecurity habits? We will regularly maintain the health and security of users, devices, networks and data. We will keep your sensitive data safe and secure to protect it from cyber criminals.


Information Technology is complex and hard work. Allow us to be your IT department while you focus on running and growing your business. We will service backups, patching, and network maintenance for your company.


Security assessments include risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, and maturity assessments. These assessments help your organization establish a risk profile and mitigate the risks appropriately.


Your network should not be left unprotected. Managed Network Defense provides next generation intrusion prevention technology to safeguard your network.


Penetration testing involves utilizing vulnerabilities in the same way that real cyberattackers would. This will prepare your organization for a real cyber attack, and therefore give you the tools to use against it.

For best practices on keeping your information secure, give us a call at 1.800.372.8142