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Town of Palm Beach

Palm Beach has always been a town known for luxurious hotels and beaches making it a perfect winter resort for the wealthy. In fact, the first mayor of Palm Beach opened a hotel there just 5 years after it was incorporated. As part of Palm Beach County, the town is located on a barrier island surrounded by white sandy beaches and expansive boat ways filled with yachts. In addition to hotels there are now many mansions with high-end restaurants and shops to serve the residents that make Palm Beach their year-round home.

While tourism is the major driver of Palm Beach’s local economy, most residents either work in finance, insurance, or management services using the town as a second or even third home. This is reflected in the average value of most estates reaching well over $3 million dollars. In addition to public beaches, most residents enjoy private waterways and social clubs. These clubs feature amenities such as golf, tennis, and lavish parties that prohibit cell phones with the most famous being the Everglades Club and Mar-a-Lago.

It is easy to see why over 30 billionaires call Palm Beach their home. Crime rates on the island are relatively low, but this is not the case for surrounding communities. When your home and family are potential targets, investing in the best personal security services should be a top priority. Eagle Eye Security Services specializes in protecting large estates, valuable assets, and family details in Palm Beach, FL to provide you with peace of mind.


If you are looking for the best residential services in Palm Beach turn to the team at Eagle Eye. Founded by former U.S. Special Forces, intelligence, and law enforcement personnel, we offer programs focused on the latest in surveillance and protective measures for your home and family’s safety. Starting with protection details throughout Mexico and Latin America, we’ve grown to offer services around the world. When you choose Eagle Eye for your Palm Beach estate protection services, you’ve got the protection of the best in the business.


Our teams are trained to adapt to your needs while still maintaining the highest level of protection services. Whether you need short or long term private security service or a personal bodyguard in Palm Beach, FL, Eagle Eye has you covered. We have the experience to protect any size estate or personal schedule. Effective, professional, and discreet—your Palm Beach residential security team will protect you and your family from harm with a commanding, yet unobtrusive presence. We also provide event security services in Palm Beach.


Naturally, people have questions about everything covered in our service for Palm Beach residents' security services. We encourage you to contact our security consultants today to learn more about what Eagle Eye can do for you.

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Our operations work tirelessly to be at the forefront of surveillance and protective tactical operations. Having our roots in military and law enforcement, we are dedicated to the safety and protection of individuals and organizations from bad actors. That is why we not only offer residential security services, but we also teach corporate security training programs. While many traditional security teams are trained, we take their skills to the next level with the latest in surveillance, strategy, and threat response. We believe in the work we do and are committed to safety at every level, from private Palm Beach, Florida, residential security services to executive protection around the globe. When you choose EESS, you’re getting a team that was built on this pursuit of excellence in personal security.

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We have been working in the security industry for decades and offer a full suite of services for all of your security needs. From personal bodyguards to full industrial complex protection we have the people and the equipment to help keep you and your assets safe. Learn more about our residential protective services here. 

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