Residential Security Services in Atherton, CA

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Located in the West Bay in San Mateo County, Atherton is uniquely situated because of its proximity to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Stanford. It’s a well known, exclusive residential area with homes that have a minimum of one acre of land. The zoning also doesn’t permit any commercial buildings. Basically, it’s a neighborhood designed to be an attractive retreat for important, high value members of the Bay Area business and technology world.

Atherton is known for its highly active town government, which is always finding ways to advocate for the citizens and improve the experience of living in such a unique community. There are regular community events that go on throughout the year as well as a the  beautiful 22-acre Holbrook Palmer Park with its tennis courts, walking paths, and gardens.

With so many high value people in the area, security is going to be an issue. If you have a large estate where you run a business or have valuable assets, then having a top level security company keeping you safe is going to give you peace of mind. We are an experienced residential and estate security company with years of experience in keeping people and property safe.


If you’re considering personal protection for you or your family, you can’t go with second best. Eagle Eye Protective Services was founded by former U.S. Special Forces, intelligence, and law enforcement personnel. Starting with protection details throughout Mexico and Latin America, we’ve grown to offer services around the world. Our programs and services are built upon the latest in surveillance and protective measures. This way you know, when you choose with Eagle Eye, you’ve got the protection of the best in the business.


Regardless of the size of your home, it’s important you feel your residential security detail can keep pace with your lifestyle. Our teams are trained to adapt to your needs while still maintaining the highest level of protection services. Comprised of former military and law enforcement agents, your detail is experienced in protective maneuvers and further trained in our extensive personalized security programs. Effective, professional, and discreet—your team will protect you and your family from harm with a commanding, yet unobtrusive presence.


Naturally, people have questions about all that is covered in our service for Atherton residents security services. We encourage you to contact our security consultants today to learn more about what Eagle Eye can do for you.

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Our operations work tirelessly to be at the forefront of surveillance and protective tactical operations. Having our roots in military and law enforcement, we are dedicated to the safety and protection of individuals and organizations from bad actors. That is why we not only offer residential security services, but we also teach corporate security training programs. While many traditional security teams are trained, we take their skills to the next level with the latest in surveillance, strategy, and threat response. We believe in the work we do and are committed to safety at every level, from private Atherton residential security services to executive protection around the globe. When you choose EESS, you’re getting a team that was built on this pursuit of excellence in personal security.

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We have been working in the security industry for decades and offer a full suite of services for all of your security needs. From personal bodyguards to full industrial complex protection we have the people and the equipment to help keep you and your assets safe. Learn more about our residential protective services here. 

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