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The Essence of Bodyguard Services is About More than Brawn, It’s a Commitment to Excellence

Being a bodyguard is a profession that demands more than just physical prowess or bulk; it requires a combination of attributes that go beyond sheer size and strength. An elite bodyguard is committed to his or her continuous professional improvement, personal growth, and maintaining a high level of readiness that ensures the safety and security of our valued clients.

The Commitment

The foundational strength of an elite level bodyguard begins with an unwavering commitment to never accepting failure as an option. This commitment becomes the driving force behind their desire to engage in rigorous training, to always be sharpening their mental fortitude, and having a holistic approach to their overall self-improvement as a close protection professional. Without this dedication, a bodyguard will likely fall short of our ideal of a consummate professional.


These are Our Priorities When it Comes to  Bodyguard Training:


State and National Certifications

   - Obtaining relevant certifications ensures that a bodyguard has met the necessary standards of the profession and is well-prepared for the challenges they may face. Certifications differ from state to state and country to country, regardless, we make sure that all of our security services adhere or exceed the industry certification standards in their locale of operation.

Weapons Training

   - We offer both armed and unarmed bodyguards based on the preferences of our clients and the scope of the mission. Proficient use of weapons is a fundamental skill for any bodyguard, providing them with the tools needed to respond effectively to potential threats. Our goal is to avoid problems with meticulous planning, but our bodyguards are ready if the need arises.

Legal Awareness

   - A strong understanding of legal implications is crucial for navigating complex situations within the bounds of the law. Our decades of experience and our dedication to due diligence gives us an advantage in educating our bodyguards on their rights and restrictions while serving you in the field.

Personal Growth and Maturity

   - Emotional and personal growth contribute to the bodyguard's ability to make sound decisions and handle diverse challenges. We make sure that our clients have a bodyguard, or team of bodyguards, who can respond instead of react—finding creative solutions to complex and dynamic problems.


   - Practical experience is invaluable in developing a bodyguard's instincts, judgment, and ability to assess and respond to various situations. We are dedicated to hiring experienced personnel, whether that experience is from security services work, having been in the military, or in the field of law enforcement.

Clear Communication

   - Effective communication is paramount. A bodyguard must convey information clearly to the client and the team, ensuring everyone is on the same page. With so much at stake, we understand how vital it is for our agents to be able to keep you and your team informed of changing circumstances and strategic interventions as they arise.

Navigating the Gray Zones of Being an Elite Bodyguard

Experience enables a bodyguard to distinguish between right, wrong, and the often challenging gray areas of his or her mission. In situations where ethical lines are blurred, a bodyguard's ability to navigate this delicate balance is critical to the overall success of their job. The moral compass must be unwavering, even in the complexity and shifting landscape of real world scenarios.

Protecting Clients from Themselves

Part of a bodyguard's role involves safeguarding clients from their own actions. This requires clear communication and, at times, the ability to tactfully distance oneself from gray areas. Knowing when to terminate a client relationship is a skill that prevents harm and embarrassment.

Customer Responsibilities

As you begin looking for a bodyguard, your attention to due diligence is essential to finding the right fit. Ensuring that your chosen bodyguard possesses the right qualifications and skillsets that align with your needs is crucial for the safety of your personnel, assets, and infrastructure.

Close Protection Security You Can Trust

Our bodyguard services prioritize excellence, combining advanced training, experience, and a commitment to personal growth. Our highly skilled and discreet security agents are well-equipped to provide the highest level of protection, whether it's during travel, in a crowd, or at an event. Contact us to learn more about how our dedicated team can meet your personal security needs with professionalism and expertise.

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  • Active Shooter Trained, Armed Protection
  • Well-Traveled Agents
  • Local Area Knowledge
  • Discreet
  • Experienced
  • Internationally Trained
  • Language Capabilities

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Sometimes, threats to your security are very personal. From corporate executives and politicians, to sports figures and celebrities, people in the spotlight are also, unfortunately, sometimes the most in harm’s way. When you choose to work with Eagle Eye, we have the expertise needed to keep you safe, by offering personalized bodyguard services. Whether traveling, in a crowd, or at an event, we take every possible precaution necessary to ensure your safety. Our team members have the extensive training and certifications necessary to provide you with the bodyguard services you need and we have prior, extensive experience in advanced security and protection services.


By choosing Eagle Eye, you’ll have access to our team of tactical security agents, who are ready to protect you and your assets. Bodyguard Services are offered in  San DiegoSan JoseSan FranciscoNew York City Mexico City, and Dallas, TX
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Close Protection

If there is a threat to you, your family or your group, you can rely on Eagle Eye to provide you with the bodyguard service you need to stay safe. We have helped businesspeople, corporate executives, high net worth individuals, families and professional groups get the protection they need.

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Protective Surveillance

In certain situations, it’s imperative that you’re protected by your bodyguard as discreetly as possible. With Eagle Eye’s protective surveillance services, you’ll know you’re being protected – but no one else will. Our agents are skilled at blending in to the background, all while being prepared to rush to your defense quickly.

Traveling executive with a personal body guard at the airport.

Family Protection

Your family is priceless – at Eagle Eye, we understand that, and we diligently provide family protection services, both at home and abroad. We take pride in leaving no stone unturned and thoroughly assessing any and all threats, so you will be able to rest easy knowing your family is protected.

Executive giving a presentation with embedded body guards on duty.

Embedded Media Security

Sometimes, the best protection comes from within. If you need a protective detail that blends in with your group completely, Eagle Eye can offer you embedded media security services. Our agents will assimilate into your group. Only you will know you’re being protected by highly-trained, top-notch security professionals.

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Low Profile Personal Security & Protection

Eagle Eye knows when you need protection that’s obvious, and when you need coverage that’s discrete. Our low-profile protection services will provide you with top-level, plain-clothes bodyguards who protect you with the utmost discretion. They will blend in seamlessly, all while being able to mitigate threats at a moment’s notice.

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Security Program Design, Threat Analysis & Planning

At Eagle Eye, we provide each client with the individualized services they deserve. We do this by thoroughly assessing your situation and offering security program design, threat analysis and planning on a highly specified basis. Our highly-trained team will deliver the exact protection solutions for your unique needs.

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They are professional in every sense and are always willing to go above and beyond.

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