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Due to the sheer size and scope of operations, large industrial companies and complexes have more security vulnerabilities than smaller businesses. Bad actors constantly threaten these vulnerabilities, and a successful breach or attack could have catastrophic consequences depending on the industry. At Eagle Eye, we are keenly aware of this risk which is why we offer comprehensive industrial security services in Palo Alto, CA. Our highly-trained personnel has experience protecting all kinds of industrial complexes and buildings, such as warehouses, storage facilities, oil fields, shipyards, construction sites, farms, utility plants, and more.


If your company already has some security that needs supplementation with additional services, Eagle Eye can help you fill in the gaps. Or, if you are looking to overhaul your security completely, talk with us to create a comprehensive solution. With customizable service plans, we can get you the exact level of coverage that fits your needs.


Palo Alto is one of the major cities of Silicon Valley. In addition to some of the nation’s largest technology companies, it’s also home to more than 7,000 businesses. Palo Alto is a driver of innovation, which is precisely why it's a target for bad actors. Due to the size and scope of operations, large companies have many security vulnerabilities. At Eagle Eye, we're aware of all these threats, which is why we offer comprehensive security solutions. We can protect every area of your business, from on-site security to cyber protection, mobile patrols, 24/7 surveillance, and more.


  • Warehouses
  • Storage Facilities
  • Construction Sites
  • Shipyards
  • Server Farms
  • Agricultural Farms
  • Oil Fields
  • Utility Plants
  • Power Plants


Contact our security consultants today if you have questions or are ready to start. Our team will go over your requirements and specific location in Palo Alto to recommend your business's best action plan.

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  • Active Shooter Trained, Armed Protection
  • Extensively Vetted & Rigorously Trained
  • Discreet and Tactical Services
  • Actionable Intelligence Reporting
  • 24/7 Coverage by Experienced Professionals

Observe. Report. Respond.

When you choose Eagle Eye for your industrial security and protection needs, you'll find that we're never idle. You'll find us actively and constantly observing your complex, always on the lookout for any intrusions or threats. And, you'll be secure in the knowledge that should we discover any threats or breaches, we will act on them and mitigate them quickly. At the end of the shift, our team will fully apprise the next shift and you, the client, of anything and everything that's important to your utmost safety. We're thorough, capable, and consummately professional.

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If you’re traveling or looking to relocate your family and business to Palo Alto, we offer security services to help find and reduce threats to you and your company. From executive protection to cybersecurity and training, Eagle Eye Protective Services has the right security for the right needs. More in Palo Alto

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