Residential Security Services from Eagle Eye

residential security guard standing outside doorEagle Eye vets, trains and employs only the best and most dedicated agents for our residential security team. We provide both static guards and residential security agents in order to offer you the utmost protection and care. When securing assets and personnel at a clients residence, we understand the liabilities and extreme care that is needed in order to safely operate in an around children, guests, and VIPs. Eagle Eye has a standard in place that must be either met or exceeded. There is no deviation from this protocol.

Our teams can be as small as two agents or as large as 50. Depending on the threat and the layout of the residence, an agent may be placed at a location that requires their specific attention and physical presence. Most of the time it is an entry or exit point that requires some sort of access control. This static guard does not deviate or move from this watch until properly relieved. A residential security agent, however, has the flexibility and orders to do much more than that. One minute they can be assisting the static guard, and the next minute they can jump into a vehicle and commence an unscheduled advance to a site 30 miles away.

Eagle Eye provides customized residential security services for our clients.

With so many moving parts and personalities we understand the importance of good management and a solid communications tree in order to get the job done, everyday and all day. We specialize and excel in human capital management; this allows us to expertly navigate the different personalities, minutia, and complications that come with managing a residential security team. Our agents are prepared to take on a multitude of tasks. These tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Driving duties
  • Report writing
  • PSD (Personal Security Detail)
  • Liaison duties
  • Planning / Logistics
  • Diplomacy/Customer Service
  • Sustain qualifications and training

A residential security team requires that the individuals working at the residence need to be in constant communication regarding their actions and needs in order for the mission to succeed. Eagle Eye welcomes these challenges head on every day and is looking forward to helping you with yours. If you would like more information on the ways Eagle Eye can provide you with the residential security solutions you need, please call us today at 1.800.372.8142.