What are Managed Security Services?

The CYBER side.
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Cyber EESS Inc Managed Services
Cyber EESS Inc Managed Services

MSS entails the assessment, strengthening and then the continuous monitoring of your IT systems. In this digital age of mass data transmissions and storage one can never be too careful, bad actors no longer have to be in your face…they can be thousands of miles away under the guise and protection of any alias or any foreign government. Some of the key items you should be looking at when engaged in an audit or SOW are:

 Cybersecurity Assessment

This will identify gaps in corporate and employee’s cybersecurity posture and provide remediation steps.

Lock down your login 

Own your online presence 

Clean machine training 

Advanced topics such as secure communications over mobile and web channels 


-The service / safeguard would audit the cybersecurity posture of your company and its employees (including standard operating procedure, social media accounts, and secure communications). It will also provide training on best practices when it comes to dealing with state-sponsored cyber actors. This is considered a “basic/entry level” safeguard. 

Next-Gen Antivirus

This will protect against host-exploits and provide real-time and weekly scans

Supported by global threat intelligence feeds 

Updates in the background 

Lightweight agent 

Lightning fast scans 

Protect from infection not protection through detection 

Protect against malicious files that can be downloaded from phishing emails using malware protection and website reputation analytics 

-We recommend a next-generation antivirus product that is based on real-time threat intelligence, has a light footprint, and fast scan times. 

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

EESS will manage mobile devices and ensure protection of data if the device is lost or stolen

Asset monitoring and location tracking 

Software and application management 

Content management 

Device usage restrictions 

Network configuration settings 

Erase or selective wipe 

Enterprise wipe & profile removal 



Protects against malicious apps and data leakage due to lost or stolen mobile devices 

Telework Gateways, Patch Management and More…

please contact operations@eessinc.com for your no cost assessment. Learn more about our Cyber security services.