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At Eagle Eye, we understand that unique situations can strike at any moment. When they do, our dedicated team is able to go where they are needed most.

Our special services include:

  • Personnel Extractions & Emergency Evacuation
  • Hostile Surveillance Operations
  • Hostile Area Assessments
  • Technical & Tactical Consulting

Please contact us at 1.800.372.8142 for more information.

Mexico Armored Vehicles

Mexico Area of Operations

Armor and Manpower by Area

Eagle Eye has been developing strategic partnerships throughout the whole country of Mexico since 2008. We have been investing our own time and technical knowhow into our agents. This is what we have available to all of our clients…responsive and capable.


Guadalajara – Merida – Cancun – Playa del Carmen – Chetumal – Tabasco – Veracruz – Puebla – Ciudad de Mexico – Morelos – Hidalgo – Toluca – Queretaro

El bajio: (Querétaro, Leon, Guanajuato, Silao, Salamanca, Celaya, Irapuato) Baja california Norte – Baja California Sur – Monterrey – Puerto Vallarta – Zacatecas – San Luis Potosi – Guerrero – Oaxaca – Durango


Juarez, CDMX, Guadalajara, Sonora, Merida Yucatan, Puebla, San Luis Potosi, Cabo, Sinaloa, Michoacan, Tecamac, Tula Hidalgo, Veracruz, Cuernavaca, Zapopan Jalisco. And Travel Teams.

How Can Lifestyle Managers Choose the Best Protective Security Company?

According to Wikipedia, lifestyle management is “the outsourcing of personal tasks to commercial firms and individuals.” Usually, lifestyle managers work with company CEOs, celebrities, and other high-profile VIPs, assisting them in their day-to-day tasks and providing them with scheduling services. Of course, at the forefront in today’s world for many high-profile individuals is protective security services. As a lifestyle manager, it’s important for you to find a company you can trust with your client’s security needs. What should you look for in a security company?

With many different protective security companies touting their services on the internet today, it can be difficult for a lifestyle manager to distinguish what is important when it comes to the company they’re hiring. You want to make sure you’re getting the absolute best service for your client, because you know their security and safety is of the utmost importance. And, if you manage the protective security needs for entire families, you want to be sure the company understands family security and all the special conditions that can surround that as well.

5 Qualifications Lifestyle Managers Should Note When Choosing A Security Company

If you’re a lifestyle manager and you’ve been tasked with hiring a protective security company for your client, it’s important to know the types of qualifications that are a non-negotiable must. This is the best way to guarantee that the company you hire has the experience necessary to provide your client with optimal protective security services.

  • Experts from Diverse Fields: When choosing a protective security company, it’s important that the company is well-staffed, with highly skilled experts from a diverse range of backgrounds. Eagle Eye International, for instance, is a strategic level security management organization, comprised of highly experienced professionals. Their diverse backgrounds include industrial security, financial services, law enforcement, military special operations, and intelligence.
  • Proper Licensure: It’s imperative when choosing a protective security company that it has the appropriate licenses for the services provided. This helps to ensure that the company you’re using is reputable, and is recognized as an approved provider of protective security services. Eagle Eye International is licensed to operate anywhere in the United States and internationally. 
  • Highly Screened Personnel: You want to make sure the people you’re hiring to protect and serve your client are the most qualified people for the job. You also want to be sure they are highly reputable and respected in their respective fields. At Eagle Eye International, we focus on meticulous screening and systematic training of qualified personnel who are both motivated and committed to optimal performance.
  • Range of Services Offered: The protective security company you hire for your client should be able to easily adapt to a variety of different scenarios and provide a range of services so that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your client’s needs. Eagle Eye International, for instance, offers services that range from personal protection details, to intelligence and analysis, to information security.
  • Custom Approach: Your client is like no other, and a cookie-cutter approach to protective security services simply will not ensure that they receive the best possible services. You should look for a company that carefully analyzes your client’s specific needs, and provides them with the solutions they need for the best security available.

Eagle Eye International can provide your client with myriad services to suit every need.

At Eagle Eye International, our team was initially formed to meet the demand of protective security services in Mexico and Latin America. Since our inception, we have moved beyond our initial niche, and have grown our team with professionals from a number of different fields. We commit to demonstrate a genuine level of care and expertise that you simply will not find with a company that offers packaged services. We provide completely custom solutions, because we know no two clients are alike, and neither are their protective security needs.

The services we offer include:

You can help your client get the training they need to protect themselves, too.

Additionally, Eagle Eye International can provide your client with self-defense and awareness training, so they are better able to defend themselves, should the need arise. The world can be a dangerous place, and even more so for people who are high-profile. We understand that, and have the capabilities to train your client, their family members and their staff in:

  • Counter Kidnapping
  • Self Defense
  • Evasive & Defensive Driving
  • Situational Awareness
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Cyber Awareness & Training

Lifestyle managers choose us for their clients’ protective security needs.

Your job as a lifestyle manager isn’t easy, but when you work with us, we can help meet some of your client’s most vital needs. Do not trust their protective security to just anyone; by choosing Eagle Eye International, you’re choosing a top-level company with the qualifications your client needs to ensure their safety and security. When you need assistance, we’re ready to help you. To get started, call us today at 1.800.372.8142 and we will schedule a consultation with you. Or, fill out our convenient online contact form, and one of our associates will get back to you shortly. We look forward to meeting the protective security needs of your client.

Security Guard Services California – New York – Texas – D.C.

Eagle Eye International, Inc.

Personnel – Assets – Infrastructure

Coverage in the Americas

Eagle Eye International has main HUBS in San Diego, El Paso, Dallas and NY. From these areas we manage and execute Security Protection Programs and Specific Security Services.

In LATAM we have dedicated personnel that can either pick you up for a simple airport transfer or stay with you for the duration of your trip. Armed or Unarmed, Armor or no Armor, depending on the location, threat and your profile.

In Dallas we are licensed to provide all facets of security services and deliver top notch security products. In California we are also licensed to deliver best in class Residential and Corporate Campus Security Programs.

In El Paso and San Diego we manage many cross border operations and deliver realistic hard hitting training for Corporate and Security Teams.

Our Special Services Capabilities can be discussed in person at anytime, just send time and place.



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Eagle Eye Welcomes Michael Thomas,

Mike was born and raised in New Hampshire and graduated from Central High School in 1981. From there he worked odd jobs and eventually met his wife Kim in 1989. They were married a year later. In 1993 he enlisted in the Navy as an undesignated Airman and attended boot camp in Orlando, Florida. Since graduating boot camp he’s had assignments in the Pacific Northwest, Southern and Central California, Virginia, Idaho, and Italy.

Over the course of 26 years he deployed as ship’s company on a destroyer and an aircraft carrier, also deployed as part of an Aviation Squadron and with Special Operations. In addition, he served on three Flag staffs and served as the Senior Enlisted Adviser for a Naval ROTC unit.

While on active duty he completed his Bachelor’s degree in liberal studies and a Masters Degree in Management with emphasis in Human Resources. Furthermore, he completed the U.S. MAP for counseling and obtained his Project Management Professional Certification through the Project Management Institute.

He retired on 30 November, 2019, which will mark 26 years of service.

Thanks Mike for all the hard work and putting in the hours that led up to the full time position. Cheers JG

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