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Sustainment Training for Corporate Security Teams

Sustainment training and keeping up with the latest Technical and Tactical measures is an integral part of maintaining good and healthy Security Program. It shouldn’t cost you much as long as your agents have a good base of instruction. The less they know the more costly the training can be.  Not keeping your agents up to par can also pose a huge liability, not only for the client but for themselves and coworkers around them. One benefit that comes from a proper sustainment program is the natural bond that occurs when people train and come up together, it allows each member to watch and note what that other agents strengths and weaknesses may be. This will be important in times of stress and Leadership selection. Other benefits:

  • Keeps agents Motivated
  • Keeps agents sharp
  • Lets CADRE know what level each agent has
  • Shows Ability to take direction
  • Keeps the TEAM together
  • and many more.

Some of the Training EESS has that may interest your Organization:


Please contact operations@eessinc.com to set up a consult and assessment of what you may need.

Sincerely the TEAM at EESS





Need Corporate Training in San Diego, CA? Eagle Eye Can Help.

An unfortunate truth in today’s world is that corporate security is needed now more than ever. In the wake of recent shootings, people may not feel secure in the workplace, and that can lead to high turnover rates and low productivity. How can you make sure the workforce at your San Diego, CA organization feels safe? By ensuring that the security detail you employ has received the training they need to mitigate potentially volatile situations. When you choose Eagle Eye to train your security workers, you’ll rest assured knowing that you’ve afforded them the best corporate training possible.

At Eagle Eye , we bring real world experience to our corporate training programs. Our elite team of trainers doesn’t just talk the talk – they’ve walked the walk, and they know what your San Diego, CA business needs to be safe and secure. We will train your team of security professionals in how to handle any threat, and how to keep you and your employees safe no matter what the situation may be. What makes us different is that we are often hired to protect business executives in a wide range of scenarios. We take what we’ve learned from these details, and pass that valuable knowledge on to your team – so you can rely on us to train them not by textbook, but by real-world example.

Your security team is already committed to excellence – and we facilitate their training in a way that allows them to provide your San Diego, CA company with the high level of protection you need in today’s often hostile climate. When you work with us, you’ll feel secure in the knowledge that the corporate training your security detail receives will enable them to provide your company with professional, thorough security, delivered by people committed to excellence – and to your safety.

Our multi-faceted program includes comprehensive corporate training in the following areas:

  • Corporate Protective Services
  • High Threat Protection
  • Tactical Driving
  • Weapons & Best Practices
  • Counter Surveillance & Detection
  • Active Shooter Response & Defense

When you choose Eagle Eye for the corporate training you need for your San Diego, CA organization, you can rest assured that your security detail will be top-of-the-line, armed with the know-how to face any threat and keep you and your staff out of harm’s way. We are a strategic level security management group comprised of highly experienced professionals that come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from industrial security, to financial services, law enforcement, military special operations, and intelligence arenas. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that seasoned professionals have trained your corporate security team tactically, and with the ability to provide real-life skills if the time ever comes when your company has to face down a threat.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Eagle Eye is ready to help your security team get the corporate training they need. To learn more about our services, please call us at 1.800.372.8142 and we will be happy to assist you. We have the expertise you need to keep you, your employees and your valuables safe.

Security Risk Management and Due Diligence Protecting Assets, Infrastructure and Personnel Worldwide

Our Asset Protection and Risk Management programs provide for the safety and security of critical personnel, facilities and information. This service is based on experience, technology and hardware that are designed to insure that daily business continues without interruption. The BSS approach to asset protection consists of three interdependent activities:

1) Comprehensive Security Audit
a) Identification of Critical Assets
b) Development of Threat Models
c) Vulnerability Assessment
d) Impact Calculations
e) Risk Determinations

2) Immediate Actions (if necessary)

3) Implementation and upgrading of countermeasures to reduce probability
and impact, this can then be followed up by the implementation of the solutions which we
specify in our report, such as:
– Security Force Services
– Electronic Security Systems
– Cyber Security Measures
– Crisis Management Planning
– Investigative Services
– Intelligence Services
– Training Programs
– Development of security related Policies, Procedures and Controls


The most effective security programs are those that are based on preventive strategies and infrastructures, rather than waiting for the problem to occur and then taking corrective measures. Nevertheless, setting up a comprehensive and integrated preventive infrastructure takes meticulous planning and implementation, as well as the foresight and understanding that it takes a good initial investment to set things up and that the benefits are reaped in the long run, as losses are prevented.
Once we have a solid understanding of the client’s existing security status, then we work on Risk Abatement programs, such as:

Policy design, manual development, implementation and training in all security areas, such as:

Executive Protection Program
Security Guards (fixed installation, cargo transport, etc.)
Loss Prevention Program (for factories and warehouses)
Information Security Program
Investigations & Intelligence Programs
Background Investigations (Employees, sales representatives)
Due Diligence (Purchasing, suppliers, contractors, mergers, acquisitions)
Factories, warehousing, distribution, transport security
Electronic Security implementations
Safety Programs

contact operations@eessinc.com for a complimentary analysis of your organization.


322 Active Shooter Case Studies Since 1972

A must read for all responders and companies doing Counter Active Shooter Response and Training,  only goes to 2012, there have been many since then but as you can see there are many common denominators.

NY did a great job of compiling this info.






Managing Type As.

Type As. get bored quick, quicker than most, all of them have been there and done that, and of course they can always do it better than their current supervisor.  Managing anybody is hard enough, much less teams that have just as much or more experience than their manager. But there are ways to make the working environment a happy and stress free place. I have found that a few key areas are always a good place to start.

I always like to make it clear from the start who is in charge. By doing this no one can ever tell you they did not know or were not made aware. Establishing the Alpha male or female among Type As gives guys and gals an individual to look up to or refer to  in case anything happens. The threshold for abuse and accountability has to be high on this individual, no matter what the decision, good or bad this person owns everything and is responsible for all Team and Individual actions. As the attitude described in this paragraph is displayed among the teams, people tend to know they are well taken care of and that they are being counted on but will not be crucified for doing what they are  told to do. Anybody taking advantage of this umbrella will be noticable.

Establishing a clear chain of command is also a key factor in Management, especially if there are many players involved. Having one boss is bad enough but imagine if you have 2 or 3 people telling you what to do and they all have a different idea on what you should be doing. Make life a little easier for the guys and get a communications tree out there so they know who to approach for whatever reasons.

If somebody does approach the chain of command to either complain or provide decent input, make sure you do more listening than talking. Don’t be quick to counter or shoot anything down. Make sure that you take the time to analyze exactly what that person is trying to say. You may pick up something else after careful thought.

Establish clear objectives or milestones for all your missions or individual employee projects. This gives the employee clear direction and goals every step of the way. These will usually come with timelines and drop dead dates, a must have for any project.

One of my favorites is to instill camaraderie, especially fo the long winded projects where teams may have to work closely together, people get on each others nerves, no two are alike, even besties can grow apart. Take some time to get out and do different things together. Sometimes it’s also good to separate for a while, go the opposite direction. Respect each others space when needed and let loose when you can, time and place for everything. Then get back to work recharged.

To see how Eagle Eye manages teams first hand contact: operations@eessinc.com



international security services in Irving TX

Eagle Eye Inc. Family Office Security Services – Free Risk Assessment and Consult

Eagle Eye Inc. is offering a free Risk Assessment to all Family Office, Corporate Entities, and High Net Worth Individuals living in the vicinity of San Jose, San Diego, Dallas, and New York City. Let us help you identify your current and future gaps.

Call or email for more info:


1.800.372.8142 Ext. 110

Eagle Eye Inc. Supports all LATAM

There really isn’t much we can’t cover in LATAM, from providing vehicles and pick ups to daily transfers, it’s just what we do. We have a trusted network of agents, providers, and bilingual agents that can manage all of the security logistics and contingencies that may come into play. Trust Eagle Eye with your employees, many already do.

Eagle Eye Inc.’s protection services are customized for every individual, starting with the proper planning. Our trained teams work to best understand your situation, and then come up with a world class program to follow. Every team member is trained and certified to ensure the highest level of protection.

Here is a complete list of executive protection services we offer:

Close Protection
Executive Protection
Low Profile Close Protection
Family Protection
Secure Transport
Residential Security
Corporate Campus Security
Travel Security
International Security
Event Security
Protective Surveillance
Counter Surveillance
Embedded Media Security
Bodyguard Services
Contact operations@eessinc.com when you’re ready. EESSinc.com

An Active Shooter Guideline for all.


So this is how it usually goes…an active shooter situation takes place.
1. People get scared and wonder if they’ve done enough, usually not.
2. They seek help, consulting, training.
3. They get a quote.
4. They don’t get the training they need because of some kind of budget constraint.
5. They forget about it till the next one and then it starts all over again.

Enclosed is a basic shooter outline that we use. It talks about what to look for and what to do. I have never handed out our outline before, I or somebody from the company is always there to present it. Email for any clarifications. There are no stupid questions. Email me.


The difference between a Travel Alert, Travel Advisory and Traveller Warning

In the context of the world that I live in and move around work wise, it’s pretty simple. When I read a Travel Alert by the State Dept. I interpret that that is a location that was not on their radar for being a prior risk and now recently in the last couple weeks has seen some sort of crime uptick, more than your usual arbitrary crime that any city would experience. Arbitrary crime being car thefts, muggings, robberies, etc…

A travel warning is when somebody is telling you that if go to City X the chances that you will run into arbitrary crime are high, how high?

Level 1= Exercise normal precautions

Level 2= Exercised increased precautions

Level 3= Reconsider travel

Level 4= Do not travel

These level are laid out under the State Dept. banner of Travel Advisory.


I don’t see the terms travel warning or travel alert anymore on the states website, probably because it left to much for interpretation and people were justifying going to places they should have never traveled to. I think that’s a good call by the state dept. to just say what the intel is pointing to, you can’t deny or dilute the facts in some of these places around the world.

BLUF: If you look western, or don’t look western but exude western behavior, or light complected, you might be a target for just being you. Stay aware, don’t get complacent and treat every place you travel to as a level 2. It could mean the difference. There are going to be times that you slip back to level 1 but that’s ok. Keep level 2 nearby.

BLUF: Bottom line up front!