Etiquette and Executive Protection

Executive Protection
Etiquette and EP

Most of the times we spend our days in the background: they go to meetings and we wait outside, or downstairs, or wherever. But in that small window that we have to impress our client and show them that we are worthy of their business and that the costs are justified many agents fail. Here’s why:

  1. Getting sucked in- Speak only when spoken to. When you do speak, be respectful and brief, remember you have a job. The client is not your friend. They will try to pull you in…most clients are great people, they are wealthy, and kind, it will be hard for you to stay quiet, but keep your distance. It’s not your world. You have a world and it revolves around providing top-notch security.
  2. Poor training or lack thereof- No eating in motorcade cars ever…ever…., no smoking, dipping, no gatorade bottles in cars ( you know what I’m talking about), don’t answer your phone or have one in your hand around clients unless you’re off your corner and passing comms. Never on watch. Heads up.
  3. No aftershave, cologne, sprays, etc… smell like nothing, if you have bad BO or some sort of chronic disease, seek a specialist and good luck.
  4. No radio(tunes) unless client asks for it, even then keep low, if the client insists on blasting the volume. use high noise earplugs. They work! and explain to them why it’s not good to do that.
  5. Be dressed to impress but stay comfortable and agile. Make sure your suits fit. Weights fluctuate!!!
  6. If you have a steady client try to get a uniform going that affords you max comfort and mobility.
  7. Sunglasses are for the sun, and to hide your true optic target. Use them when the sun is a factor, when it gets dark depending on the tint, you may have to remove them. Go with a subtle pair, this is not the time for your gucci wrap arounds.
  8. Stay flexible and take care of the client, you may end up doing something not in your scope and not security related, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your security duties, do it. It may reap huge dividends and may be something simple. If your client takes advantage of your multifaceted skill sets then propose an assistant or hire on another agent to take the load off. If your client really needs it they won’t be discouraged. Educate your client respectfully and don’t be afraid to write up a debrief after every major movement. They will appreciate it in the end.

The Team at Eagle Eye Intl.