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Sustainment Training for Corporate Security Teams

Sustainment training and keeping up with the latest Technical and Tactical measures is an integral part of maintaining good and healthy Security Program. It shouldn’t cost you much as long as your agents have a good base of instruction. The less they know the more costly the training can be.  Not keeping your agents up…

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Need Corporate Training in San Diego, CA? Eagle Eye Can Help.

An unfortunate truth in today’s world is that corporate security is needed now more than ever. In the wake of recent shootings, people may not feel secure in the workplace, and that can lead to high turnover rates and low productivity. How can you make sure the workforce at your San Diego, CA organization feels…

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Security Risk Management and Due Diligence Protecting Assets, Infrastructure and Personnel Worldwide

Our Asset Protection and Risk Management programs provide for the safety and security of critical personnel, facilities and information. This service is based on experience, technology and hardware that are designed to insure that daily business continues without interruption. The BSS approach to asset protection consists of three interdependent activities: 1) Comprehensive Security Audit a)…

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322 Active Shooter Case Studies Since 1972


A must read for all responders and companies doing Counter Active Shooter Response and Training,  only goes to 2012, there have been many since then but as you can see there are many common denominators. NY did a great job of compiling this info.        

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Managing Type As.


Type As. get bored quick, quicker than most, all of them have been there and done that, and of course they can always do it better than their current supervisor.  Managing anybody is hard enough, much less teams that have just as much or more experience than their manager. But there are ways to make…

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Eagle Eye Inc. Supports all LATAM

There really isn’t much we can’t cover in LATAM, from providing vehicles and pick ups to daily transfers, it’s just what we do. We have a trusted network of agents, providers, and bilingual agents that can manage all of the security logistics and contingencies that may come into play. Trust Eagle Eye with your employees,…

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An Active Shooter Guideline for all.

ALL, So this is how it usually goes…an active shooter situation takes place. 1. People get scared and wonder if they’ve done enough, usually not. 2. They seek help, consulting, training. 3. They get a quote. 4. They don’t get the training they need because of some kind of budget constraint. 5. They forget about…

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