Executive Protection Advance series , Security Measures.

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4. Security measures In this portion of our executive protection advance series we will touch on Implementing SOP’s to ensure the safety of your principal and team. This can be a very expansive topic so we will hone in on just a few bullet points . KEY POINTS -Establishing secure perimeters-Monitoring the area for any…

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Hiring the Right Security Company

And what to look for! Do you hire your security services based on the verbiage on their website? Think twice about that. When Eagle Eye started, we were forced by our customers to have infrastructure, and by that I mean our clients wanted to see that we were established….offices, employees, assets, past performance, skin the…

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Situational Awareness as a Way of Life

Situational awareness should be applied as often as possible any time you’re traveling and even at home.  Noticing the little things in our daily routine can make the difference between life and death. An individual that can identify threats in time and know how to react before the bad guys has gained the upper hand…

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What are Managed Security Services?

The CYBER side. Protect your DATA! MSS entails the assessment, strengthening and then the continuous monitoring of your IT systems. In this digital age of mass data transmissions and storage one can never be too careful, bad actors no longer have to be in your face…they can be thousands of miles away under the guise…

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Armed or Unarmed Executive Protection?

Security guard with firearm and walkie talkie.

I am a gun guy,  not a “Gun Nut,” but a gun guy. I have been around weapons my whole adult life and am very capable and safety conscious. I train regularly and take care of my guns. In some areas there is no question about having an armed agent around your principle. Those areas…

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Etiquette and Executive Protection

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Most of the times we spend our days in the background: they go to meetings and we wait outside, or downstairs, or wherever. But in that small window that we have to impress our client and show them that we are worthy of their business and that the costs are justified many agents fail. Here’s…

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What is Corporate Security?

Men standing around a table analyzing a map.

Corporate Security is all of the measures that are needed in order to maintain good order and discipline around the Corporate structure. This could be something as simple as installing cameras to your facility or as painful as ensuring the firewalls and cyber defenses of 5000 laptops spread throughout your organization are good to go.…

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Send US!

Helicopter flying low to the ground.

At Eagle Eye, we understand that unique situations can strike at any moment. When they do, our dedicated team is able to go where they are needed most. Our special services include: Personnel Extractions & Emergency Evacuation Hostile Surveillance Operations Hostile Area Assessments Technical & Tactical Consulting Please contact us at 1.800.372.8142 for more information.

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